Welcome, folks, to my old-timey web site. This is not primarily a promotional tool, but just a repository of numerous things I've recorded and some text for you to read while you listen to them to get more out of 'em.

Mark Lint music
        This is a massive heap fo free songs for you to download. To put the career that produced them in perspective, you can read some history of my various projects and check out this discography. I last played in public regularly with a band called New People, which you can read about here.

The Partially Examined Life podcast
        A fairly flippant but still generally well-informed philosophy podcast, with a daily blog that I contribute heavily to. A subsection of this is my "Self-Examined Music Blog," where I periodially post new or restored/remixed material and provide some commentary on it.

Mark's book, Tripe
Read the introduction to see what it's all about. More fiction.

Links to pages by or about people I've worked with
        Other musician-types you should probably check out if you like my work.

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