Mark Lint - Black Jelly Beans and Smokes

The album cover

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1     Celebrity
2     The Nipple Song
3     Love & Death
4     The Quiet Song
5     Manager
6     The Zoo Song
7     Pass Time Incorporeal
8     I am the Devil; the Devil Is Good
9     The Evening Standard
10     Sleep
11     The Nipple Reprise
12     The Saga of El Kater
13     Lust Song #57
14     Criminy, Criminy
15     Lady Iraq
16     Solitary Drama
17     Lament
18     Zi-Pow!The album cover
19     Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands
20     Kimmy
21     Come On, Lady
22     Lust Song #59

Black Jelly Beans are the ones that normal people with a fine taste for fine things pick out and throw to the weevils, but which certain freaky weevil-like individuals find quite to their liking, thank you...

Smokes (aka Spoo) are those silly (harmful?) indulgences that act to let off steam (smoke?), producing a small, noxious cloud, intoxicating to some and irritating to others.

In short, these are recordings from ‘90-’97 deemed (or created with the intention of being) too silly and/or sickly to put on any of the albums I was involved with during that period.  They are often of dangerously low fidelity, and were for the most part written and/or recorded with a minimum of time and/or effort.  It was compiled and mixed in the summer of ‘97 as a break from more assiduous work.  I recorded these songs myself (mostly on 4-track, even when, in ‘97, the nice digital 8-track sat unused in the other room) and takes responsibility for most of the noises on this album, with a few exceptions:

-Dr. Sanjiv Ghogale made some noises on 6, while Brian Hirt né Gerber co-wrote and “sang” on 12.
-Said Brian and his brother Ken wrote, sang, shook and strummed things on 21.
-Mr. Matt Bohm played drums on 3 (using a broom handle).The album cover
-Backing vocals on 14 include Josh Fielstra, Dale Baker, and whoever else was in their room when I dropped by.
-18 is a MayTricks (my band from ‘90-’94) tune, sort of, on which I had Matt Diaz, Geoff Esty, and Steve Petrinko fill up several tracks of guitars and percussion in no more than one take each.
-Oh, and of course I didn’t write 19, but I did make up some backing vocal lyrics.

Mastering by Sam Ray. Photos by Mark and Kimmy; liner note layouts prepared by Brian Hirt.

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