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1. Woe Is Me
2. Retrogress (plus, the 2013 resung/remixed version)
3. Stupidly Normal
4. No Mind
5. Cool Down (plus, the 2014 resung/remixed version)
6. Wonderful You
7. Weirdo
8. Slightly Bitter
9. A Few Gone Down
10. Time Alone
11. Friend
12. The Villa
13. I'm Gonna Steal Yo' Woman
14. I Like Life
15. The Greatest F'in Song in the World

Mark Linsenmayer did the lead singing and played all the classical guitar parts, most of the bass parts, and the occasional filler electric guitar. Errol Siegel played all the main electric guitar parts. The drums were played by Dave Hamilton (on 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, and 14), Steve Petrinko (on 1, 9, 13, and 15), Bryan Breaux (on 3, 7, and 12), and Matt Miller (on 6). Percussion was by Dave except on the bridge of 12, which was by Steve. Lee Abramson played bass on 1, 2, 6, and 14, while Doug Anthony played it on 15 and the bridge of 12. Hal Thorsrud played keys on 8 and 12, while Cliff Kaminsky played 'em on 13.

Backing vocals: Richard White, Steve Petrinko, Alaeatha Carr, Bryan Breaux, Brett McHague, Colin Burt, Todd Love, Russ Somers, Scott Kelley, Bradley Scott Berman, Dave Hamilton, Cliff Kaminsky, Kevin Christopher (aka Brown), Patrick Donahue, Errol Siegel, Mark, and Stoobie.

This album was recorded mostly during the summer of '97, with some sessions as early as X-mas '95 and final overdubs running all the way to late spring '98. Mixing by Mark with one of the following:  Dave Hamilton, Jamie Nichols, Sam Ray, or Errol Siegel; this ran into March '99. Produced/engineered by Mark, except 1, 2, 6, and 14, which Errol did most of. Steve and Bryan recorded their own drum parts. Mastered by Steve.

All songs written by Mark Linsenmayer, ©1998. Arrangements were for the most part by the musicians involved, overseen by Mark and usually Errol.  However, in many cases parts were written or influenced by people in former line-ups of this band or Mark's previous bands: Lee Abramson, Shane Walker, Matt Miller, Bryan Breaux, Geoff Esty, Sam Ray, Cliff Kaminsky, Steve Henao, and Jeff Rosenberg. Mark worked out all the vocal arrangements.

Mark remixed "Retrogress" in Dec. 2013 with newly recorded vocals and drums recorded in 1996 by Matt Miller. Listen to it.

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