The MayTricks:
Happy Songs Will Bring You Down

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...This being the third and final full sonic emission by The MayTricks, having been recorded over vast stretches of time and space culminating furiously in the summer of 1994. Fraught with artistic conflicts and unprecedented (for us) collaborative activity to heretofore unlistened lengths (ca. 2 hrs.), slapped together in, well, sort of rushed, but still probably excessively produced fashion, thismay be seen as our definitive group effort (whatever that means). So, like, clutch THAT to your bosom and scream, baby! Enjoly ye this peppy, pustulant pain parade into which we have injected the wholes of our souls and lots of other stuff that was lying around or I warn ye... we will cry.The album cover

1. Tencious Speaks (The MayTricks; poem by Linsenmayer)
2. Come With Me (Petrinko)
3. Messed Up People (Linsenmayer)
4. A Few Gone Down (Linsenmayer)
5. The Cygnet (Esty)
6. Procrastination (Petrinko)
7. Bankrupt (Linsenmayer)
8. New Yesterdays (Petrinko)
9. When I Think of You (Linsenmayer)
10. False Morality (Kaminsky)
11. Pen Pal Lover (Esty)
12. Conspiracy (Petrinko)
13. Twitch (Linsenmayer)
14. Rusty Envy (Esty)
15. Flesh and Blood (Petrinko)
16. Subjectivity (Linsenmayer)
17. Honor and Morality (Petrinko)
18. Pigs at Night (Linsenmayer)
19. Wonderful You (Linsenmayer)
20. Security (Petrinko)
21. Spiritual Insect (Linsenmayer)
22. Imaginary Monacle (Petrinko)
23. John T. Flibber (Linsenmayer)
24. Sorry (Linsenmayer)
25. Forbidden Caress (Petrinko)
26. Bring You Down (Linsenmayer)
27. Toil (Petrinko)
28. Why Don't I Feel (Petrinko)
29. Samuel (Esty) Resung/remixed by Mark in 2014
30. Healthy Song (Linsenmayer)
31. The Stone (Petrinko)
32. I'm Gonna Steal Yo' Woman (Linsenmayer)
33. Thus Spake Tencious (The MayTricks)
34. Pure As Silk (Petrinko)
35. MUP (Reprise) (Linsenmayer)

The MayTricks were Mark Linsenmayer (singing, most bass, rhythm guitar for some of his songs, some keys, recorder, and other stuff), Steve Petrinko (singing, drums, percussion, rhythm guitar for lots of his songs and the occasional lead, some keys and bass and other stuff), Geoff Esty (most of the lead guitars, occasional bass, some singing, the occasional trombone), and Cliff Kaminsky (on some songs, keys, rhythm guitar, occasional bass or lead guitar or trumpet, some singing). Featuring Sanjiv Ghogale as Tencious the Magnificent Two-Dimensional Frog. All songs copyright 1994.

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