The MayTricks:
Dark Tapes

The Happy Flowers EP (1991)

1. Wild Flower
2. Run Away
3. Waste of Youth
4. To Valerie
5. Her Skin Is Only Warm

Featuring Steve Petrinko (drums, vocals), Mark Linsenmayer (bass, vocals), Dave Roof (lead guitar, backing vocals), Josh Fielstra (keyboard), and Rich Stapleton (second guitar on 1, 2, 4, 5).

That band (minus Rich, who was only with us for two weeks) ran from fall, 1990 to May, 1991 and worked up three sets of originals. Josh and Dave were very tasteful players who worked very well to balance our wanna-be avant-garde tendencies. We spent a lot of misguided time trying to add a rhythm guitarist. Dave started recording Steve's drums for a proper album, but then told us that he had committed himself to Blue Society with his his bass-player friend (we latter played a double bill). Matt Diaz finally became the 5th player, but then Josh left town for the summer and didn't rejoin us. We briefly had another keyboardist (Ben) in September before settling down as a 4-piece and playing our first show (4 songs at a band open mic at Cross Street Station) in maybe November.

On 3/11/91, this initial foursome recorded (on a walkman) 2/3 of our set (brave it in full). Here are songs unique to that lineup:

Don't Hate The World (Chords/intro by Steve, lyrics/melody by Mark; this was originally a Steve instrumental. We liked the co-written version, but Geoff thought it was too cheesy.)
Mother Nature's Done (By Dave Roof; this was probably my favorite of the couple of his that we tried. He wrote as much as Steve and I did, but we frankly didn't think the songs were weird enough for us.)
Tangible Soul (A favorite Steve song of mine, but a friend of his from high school had written the underlying chords, so he didn't end up wanting to return to it, since he felt it wasn't really his song. I'd love to have a good version of the tune, but this is not it.)
A Little Feeling (One of mine from high school with a nice new agey, part-written, part-improvised piano interlude. This dropped off when we lost keyboards.)
Blind (Another by Dave Roof)
The Thaw (Another Steve song, dropped when we lost keyboards.)

Covers (1992)

Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones)
Can't Stand Losin' You (The Police)
And She Was (Talking Heads)

I Will Follow (U2, rehearsal version)
The Brady Bunch/Wild Flower Reprise (Live, 12-22-92)
The full set that this concluded is here.

Featuring Steve Petrinko (drums, vocals, guitar), Mark Linsenmayer (bass, vocals, guitar), Geoff Esty (lead guitar, bass), Brian Drake (rhythm guitar, backing vocals).

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