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I've lost track of many fine musical friends over the year. If you, someone who I've set foot on stage or in a studio with, are not listed here, it may be because I just don't update this much, but it may be because I honestly have no idea what you're doing, so please e-mail me if that's the case.

The Mr. Bob Page
        Mr. Bob is my dad, the guy who taught me lots of stuff like how to blow your nose in your hand. He plays at elementary schools in the South Carolina/Georgia area and has just released a CD of songs and stories for grown-ups.

        Matt Ackerman of my current band New People also plays lead guitar (formerly bass) with this long-lived, heavy sounding bunch of dudes.
         Josh, one of my wife's brothers, is an extremely freaking talented juggler and entertainer. He tours professionally with shows involving footbagging, frisbee, diablo, and lots of other stuff that I can't do. This site has some cool video and other nice things.
         The eldest of my wife's brothers, Dylan, in addition to his Ph.D. in physics, has recorded a raw and rootsy album, which you can hear in its entirety via mp3s here.

Steve Petrinko
        He co-fronted The MayTricks with me ('89-'94 or so) and has been putting all the MayTricks albums on CD. He also played and sang some on the Mark Lint and the Fake Johnson Trio CD.
        He's created separate MySpace pages for his various personas, including acoustic pop ,
comedic rock , and jazz.

Dave the Nerd
        Dave Hamilton was the drummer for Mark Lint and the Fake and played most of the drum parts on Mark Lint and the Fake Johnson Trio.  He also runs the macobserver website. More info on his music is here.

Edison Carter
        This project is by Jeff Rosenberg, an Austin, TX friend and briefly a member of the Fake Johnson Trio in 1995, as well as Errol Siegel, guitarist on the Mark Lint and the Fake Johnson Trio album, with whom I played live from late 1995 through around summer, 1997. Some other information on these folks is at, including info on Errol's successful post-FJT band, Punchy; I also see a Punchy video.

The Getaway Drivers
        This many-piece Madison Americana band is the current home of Madison Lint 2001-2004 bassist Ken Keeley.

Erik Anderson: E-Rock
       Erik played keys with me from 2001-2003 or so, appearing on both Madison Lint demos. This page has him doing fake sit-com theme songs like "With a Bladder Like This..."

Geoff Esty's CD page
         Geoff played lead guitar for my college band, The MayTricks, from '91 to '95 or so. He's released a sweet album of solo jazz guitar instrumentals which you can hear some samples from. He more recently played guitar with Sunkwa Music.

Cliff Kaminsky Memorial Foundation
        Cliff Kaminsky played keyboards and rhythm guitar in the last incarnation of The MayTricks with me (appearing on Happy Songs Will Bring You Down), and did cameos on subsequent albums until his tragically premature death in 2004. This page has links to his music and information on his favored causes.

Lee Abramson
Lee played bass with me in The Fake Johnson Trio from summer '95 through I believe fall '96, including some tracks on Mark Lint and the Fake Johnson Trio. After that, he played with Errol in Punchy then came down with ALS, which has retired him from playing out but opened up a world of songwriting and electronic music; he's recorded four albums now. Omnimedia
       Ken LaBarre has done some writing with me and played a guest 12-string guitar on So Whaddaya Think. He later fronted a Madison band called Tangy.

The Pipe Circus
       This is a Wisconsin funk band whose sax and trumpet players (both named Mike) played some parts on So Whaddaya Think.

Sam Ray on IMDB
Sam played bass with me in the last incarnation of the Fake Johnson Trio and then rejoined for Mark Lint and the Fake, whose album, So Whaddaya Think, he co-engineered. I don't know what he's doing musically now, but he's been in a couple of movies.

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