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New Album: Mark Lint's Dry Folk. Recorded (for the most part) in Aug.-Sep. 2018 and subsequently mixed with Jake Johnson at Paradyme Studios. Listen to it streaming in full, and get lyrics and credits at You can also order a CD, or get mp3s via iTunes, Amazon, or listen through Spotify. Here are a few highlights:
Feeling Time Written way back in 2002, the opening track to the album and the only one recorded entirely at Paradyme Studios in Sep. 2018 featuring the full Mark Lint's Dry Folk: Irus Hutchings and Rei Tangko on backing vocals, with Rei also on violin, Ken Keeley on bass, and Jim Turk on percussion.
1984 A recent composition combining imagery from the book about totalitarianism with what I was actually doing around that year, again featuring the whole band (plus Mina Linsenmayer on the high vocals!), but like the other album songs, mostly recorded at my house prior to going into the studio.

The Other A song written from the point of view of man's view of woman, sung remotely by the great Lucy Lawless.
Dawning on Me Featuring high vocals by Ken Stringfellow (Posies, Big Star, R.E.M.), written about the whole Big Star phenomenon and singer Alex Chilton's distaste for the whole thing. Initially recorded with just Mark and Ken in April 2017, completed with Rei's piano, my bass, and Jim's djembe for this album.

Get the Songs from the Partially Examined Life album! Listen to the whole thing (released Dec '15) and see full credits on my my bandcamp page, or order a CD, or get mp3s from iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, or listen on Spotify. Here are some highlights:
I Insist Written spring 2014, recorded mostly July 2015, featuring Geoff Esty on lead guitars, Steve Petrinko on drums, Ken Keeley on bass, Daniel Gustafsson on organ, and me on vox, rhythm guitars, and some lead guitar lines.
Double Negative Theology Written and recorded late Aug 2014, featuring Rei Tangko violin and Peter Kiel (submitting from Holland!) on nice arpeggiated guitars.
We Who Have Escaped Recorded Sept-Oct 2013, the only studio recording of the final, 5-man lineup of New People before that band split. Mark on bass/vox, Matt Ackerman on electric guitars, Chris Wellner on acoustic guitar, Eric Schumann on keys, and Mike Laemmrich on drums.
Jesus Noise Written and recorded March-April 2015 (based on an earlier fragment), with Mark on vocals/acoustics/percussion and Geoff Esty on additional lead guitar.
The Past Is Not Real Written and recorded August 2015, a sinister little number with Mark playing all the parts.
Things We Should Do Recorded June 2013, featuring Lucy Lawless on harmony vocal, Eric Schumann on keys and electronic drums, Dave Roof on lead guitar, Steve Petrinko on drums, and Mark on guitars, bass, vocals, and mixing. Read about it.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!
The 12 Interminable Days of Xmas This weird thing was my brain-child, which I "sang" and coordinated among many musicians including the awesome Jonathan Segel, of Camper Van Beethoven fame. Read more about it.

My band New People (2006-2013) released "The Easy Thing" (2009), "Impossible Things" (2011), and "Might Get It Right" (2013). You should go purchase them right this second. These contain the slickest of all my recordings. Some highlights:
Tolerated Direct and to the point.
Walled Off Space A dark bluesy groove.
Celebrity Some poppy irony written back in 1997 or so.
Find You Out A somewhat dark and Spanishy sounding one.
The Great Forgotten Lover Another furious, minor key self-pitying thing with a very 80s intro.

Love Is the Problem Our hit single: a cheerful song for the single folks out there.. Here's a funny youtube video of the tune.
The Easy Thing Big crunchy chords, smarmy lyrics that want to do you. This song was written back in 1995 or so that never made it into a previous band's set.
New People A song about being shy, written in 1994; this is a remixed version of the recording made for our 12/06 demo.

Personnel: Me, Matt Ackerman, Julian Salgado Laredo

Other Recent Work:
Let Us Meet Written in 1994, setting a poem by my then-future-wife Kim to music, with drum kit by Trent Sinclair recorded in 2000, then I just now (12/15) recorded gutiar, voice, layers of keyboard at the end, and snare drum, with Eric Schumann sending in the main string part that starts in the 2nd verse.
Yours to Keep A Dec 2013 remix of a Madison Lint acsoutic demo recording recorded in 2002 with the vocals re-recorded in June 2012: me on the lower lead part and Bob Linsenmayer, my father, on the high harmony throughout. Other Personnel: Jim Low, Jim Turk, Ken Keeley, with some vocal bits overlaid from Steve Petrinko (who wrote the song with me in 2000), Richard White, and Jim Low.
Run Away Written in 1997, recorded in 1989, 1991, and 1993. This version was recorded mostly in 2005 with me on all instruments except Valree Casey on oboe and Bob Linsenmayer on vocals at the end. In January, 2015, I added more, including Mina Linsenmayer or more end backing vocals.
I Am the Cosmos A tune originaly by Chris Bell, recorded March 2014 with me on all instruments.
Granted A brand new tune, recorded with me on all instruments in 10/12.
Sleep Actually a guitar/vocals recording from 1994, but with newly (5/15) overdubbed drums, bass, 12-string, and keys to fill it out. Read about it.
Cheerio! An instrumental recorded 3/09 as part of my day job for use in a transportatoin video, but now the theme of The Partially Examined Life podcast.
Billie Jean A tribute recorded in 2009 modeled on the version I developed live with Madison Lint, featuring Jim Low (lead guitar), Steve Petrinko (drums and backing vox), Edison Carter (keys), and me on the rest.

Vocal Overdubs (done with guests on my Nakedly Examined Music podcast):
Forgive the Disco An instrumental created for a disco dance video game by Sean Beeson, to which in July 2016 I added lyrics and melody inspired by Martha Nussbaum's book Anger and Forgiveness.
Flow An solo guitar piece called "Will O' the Wisp" by Gary Lucas, over which I laid lyrics and vocals in February 2016.

You can see videos of most of my bands on my YouTube channel.

Watch Mark Lint's Dry Folk, 4/17/17 at Bos Meadery:

Watch the New People CD release party show, 4/23/13:

Older Tunes:

Madison Lint (2001-2004) was a swell live band and recorded tracks for an album not yet released (read more):
Who Cares What You Believe Caustic funk, from the original 10/01 demo, with Mark (acoustic guit/vox), Jim Low (lead guitar), Erik Andersen (keys), Jim Turk (drums), Ken Keeley (bass):
Chad Caustic power pop. Same session as the above.
Stop More sort-of funk, but with a more atonal, Primus/Cake vibe to it. This and the two below were from a 12/02 session with Tom Broeske on bass and without any keys
Words and Numbers An angry drone tune; I didn't add vocals and mix this one until 5/11.
Something Else Guitarist
Jim Low wrote the main riff and the bridge; I wrote the melody/lyrics and the chorus. Angry near-prog. I didn't finish this recording until 5/13.

Lock Them Away We recorded this to emphasize our blues cred; it's an anti-war-on-terror song, from a 5/03 session with Ken back on bass.
Cold Our big jam-band song. From a spring 2004 session that included keyboardist Luke Palmer and drummer Marcus Looze, with vocals and mixing done in 2010.
In the Boatyard A psychedelic, mellow R&B/Pink Floyd sort of thing from the same session, with vocals newly recorded and also some Daniel Gustafsson thickening organ added 11/15.
Cold (earlier version) A less polished take on the same song from the original 10/01 demo.
Rasberry Beret Here's a straight-from-the-mixing board live performance of this Prince song from 4/02, which I believe was maybe our third live show.

Madison Lint also fostered an acoustic side. Here's most of our 3/02 demo.
Feeling Time
In the Boatyard
Ring of Fire
Personnel: Me, Jim Low, Erik Andersen, Jim Turk, Ken Keeley.

Solo demos. Here are some band songs in their freshly written, just-me-and-my-guitar form:.
Tolerated Written April 2011
Celebrity Actually a tune from '96 (this album), but expanded and transposed for use by the band (12/17/09)
The Great Forgotten Lover
Domestic pain and self-mockery (2/17/09)
Walled-Off Space When your mood demands isolation, you tend to get it (2/29/09, with the main verse resurrected from a 2006 fragment)

What You Want A song of surrender (12/5/08)
Find You Out
Because they will, you know. Just you wait. (9/8/08)

Pretty Pretty Preetah Sex conquers all! (8/8/08)
Love Is the Problem
The original demo of this tune, added to the band's set the day I wrote it (2/8/08)
Little MinaThis tune was begun when my daughter was a biting infant and finalized to be ready for the band 5 years later in 6/07

If I Can't Have You Me deconstructing a Bee Gees song in late 1/08; this one hasn't been done with a bnad (yet)
Feeling Time The original solo demo from 2/02

The Mark Lint and the Fake Album. At long last, this album recorded '99-'00 in Austin is all mixed, mastered, and packaged. You can download the whole thing here. A few highlights:
The Thickening
Poor Lover

Personnel: Me, Dave Hamilton, Jamie Nichols, Sam Ray.

Recordings from Mark Lint and Stevie P. Steve Petrinko was my co-frontman for The MayTricks, my college band in Ann Arbor that lasted from around 1990-1994. We hook up periodically to write a song together and record it on the spot. It'll take us a while to get a full album this way, so here's your outlet:
Freeway Written/recorded August 2011
Stories From the same session and freeway

Written/recorded fall, 2002.
Take a Hike Drums/bass improvised fall, 2002. Lyrics and other bits recorded at some point within a year or two after that; newly mixed 2013.
Yours to Keep Written summer, 2000, recorded summer 2001.
Staple Gun
Writtten/recorded X-mas, 1999.

Here are most of the tracks from the Mark Lint and the Simulacra CD, The Sinking and the Aftermath. These were mostly recorded in the spring of 2000 before I left Austin and finished up over the years since.
My Friends
Write Me Off
Not Too Late
Once in a Great While
Night Before the End
I Recall
Nothing in This World but You


Personnel: Me, Mark Doroba, with drums David Thibodeau, Bruce Popky, or Armando Reyes

Here are some songs from my 1998 (or so) CD, Mark Lint and the Fake Johnson Trio. Go get the whole thing.
Retrogress This is not the version from the CD, but a 2013 remix with newly recorded vocals and different (actually earlier) drums.
Personnel: Me, Errol Siegel, Lee Abramson, Matt Miller.

Cool Down
Also resung, and remixed, with a lot of work to tighten the rhythms in post.
Personnel: Me, Errol Siegel, Dave Hamilton.

A Few Gone Down

Personnel: Me, Errol Siegel, Steve Petrinko, and on backing vocals: Richard White.
Woe Is Me
Personnel: Me, Errol Siegel, Steve Petrinko, Lee Abramson, and on backing vocals: Bryan Breaux.
Wonderful You
Personnel: Me, Errol Siegel, Lee Abramson, Matt Miller.
I Like Life
Personnel: Me, Errol Siegel, Dave Hamilton, Lee Abramson, and on backing vocals: Richard White, Brett McHague.

The final (double) album by The MayTricks, Happy Songs Will Bring You Down, originally released 1994, has now been remastered. Go get the whole thing. Here are some of my songs from it:
A Few Gone Down
John T. Flibber
Healthy Song
Pigs at Night
Bring You Down
Samuel (This one is actually written by Geoff Esty, with a newly recorded vocal from Mark and remix in 2014.)
Personnel: Me, Steve Petrinko, Geoff Esty, Cliff Kaminsky

Here are some peppy little solo tunes earmarked for an in-progress album called The Cheese Stands Alone.
When I Was Yours Recorded 1997
Recorded 1997 or 1998
Idiot, Listen
Begun 1997, completed and mixed 2014
People Who Throw Away Love
Recorded 1998, mixed 2015
Space Completed and mixed Dec. 2009. Drums recorded in 2000 by Trent Sinclair
Request Denied
Written around 1996, recorded in spurts 2000-2014
Ann(e) Written in around 1993 but never recorded. Recording started 2000, most instruments added 2010 with Steve Petrinko on drums and electric guitar I started the track in 2000, but nearly all of what's left here is brand new, with me on all instruments except Steve Petrinko
Came Round Largely written in 1999, completed and recorded in 2010
Se Piangi, Se Ridi A cover tune, written by Mogol - Marchetti - Satti and recorded in Aug. 2000 with Steve Petrinko on drums.

Here's are two live tunes from the Mark Lint and the Fake Fall '98 demo.  These were rerecorded in pretty much this arrangement for the still-being-mixed Mark Lint and the Fake album, So Whaddaya Think? The demo itself will be released on the Languishing in Austin, 1995-1998 CD.
Her Death
I Die Desire
Personnel: Me, Dave Hamilton, Jamie Nichols, Sam Ray.

Here are a couple of tunes from my 1997 lo-fi solo album, Black Jelly Beans and Smokes. Get the whole album.
The Nipple Song
Recorded in late 1991, I think, mixed 1997
Recorded in 1997; this served as a demo for a version from the second New People album.

This is a tune of mine from '96 that was used on my friend Jeff Rosenberg's album project Talk Zack Talk. I just recorded the guitars and sang, and he arranged, performed, and produced the rest.

Here are some tunes of mine recorded by my college band The MayTricks in 1993 for So Chewy! (both written around 1991) Get the whole album.
The Like Song
Birthday Song
Personnel: Me, Steve Petrinko, Geoff Esty, Brian Drake

Here's one of my favorites, written and recorded on the same day in 1992 by me, with drums added later and backing vocals by my sister and one of my best friends from high school (both non-singers).  It was realeased on The MayTricks. Get the whole album.
Personnel: Me, Steve Petrinko, and on backing vocals: Mark's sister and Brian Hirt (formerly Gerber).

I will eventually remix my folky 1993 solo album Spanish Armada. Here are a few samples:
Don't Forget Where You Are Newly remixed, 2012.
Waygo (Solo)
Call On You
Sleep (Solo)

The Partially Naked Self Examination Music Blog
Starting in 2010, I worked on a blog here to force myself to finish/record/remix/remaster/digitize my older (and some brand new) material. All the tunes are here, but for the accompanying discussion, you should go to the page (part of my philosophy podcast page) and read the semi-thoughtful discussion of matters musical and phliosophical. Note: my newer blog is at

Music Blog 10/27/14: Point of Confusion. Mostly written in 1994, recorded in Nov. 2014, with Mark on vox/acoustic guit/bass/percussion and Daniel Gustafsson sending in synth and electric guitar tracks from Sweden. Featuring Maxx Bartko on synth theramin and Mina Linsenmayer with additional singing.

Music Blog 10/27/14: Samuel. New mix with newly recorded vocals by Mark of a song written and guitared by Geoff Esty from the 1994 MayTricks double album, Happy Songs Will Bring You Down. You can compare with the original, Geoff-sung version.

Music Blog 10/13/14: Green Song. New mix of a song recorded in 1992 for the first MayTricks album with me on lots of Casio CZ-5000 programming, as well as guitar (dig that punchy solo!)/bass/vocals. Steve Petrinko recorded the drums and percussion, except for the goofy stuff in the bridge, which was me. Also, Idiot, Listen, a previously incomplete recording from 1998 (I thnk) of a song from 1995; me on all instruments.

Music Blog 8/31/14: Double Negative Theology. New tune recorded quickly with me on guitar/vox, Rei Tangko on violin, and Peter Kiel on acoustic guitars.

Music Blog 6/15/14: Axiomatic. New remix of a recording made mostly in 2000, with Mark Doroba on electric guitars and Dave Thibodeaux on drums. My acoustic guitar, bass, and vocals added within a few years after that. Compare to the New People version recorded in 2008.

Music Blog 2/12/14: Adds Up to Nothing. Mark plays all instruments except Rai Tangko on violin.

Music Blog 12/6/13: Yours to Keep. Sung by Mark and his dad Bob Linsenmayer recording in June 2012, backed by Madison Lint from our March 2002 acoustic demo. The song was written originally in 2000 by Mark with Steve Petrinko, who recorded a demo of it in 2001.

Music Blog 11/11/13: Take a Hike. By Mark Lint and Steve Petrinko. This was a sloppy bass/drum jam from 2002 which we then added (in 2003 maybe?) some lyrics and other instruments to, and which I've newly edited/remixed. The main song completed in that same first 2002 session was Goldfish.

Music Blog 9/15/13: Falsifiable. Written to go with the current episode about Popper's characterization of scientific theories as potentially falsifiable. Recorded by Mark all on Saturday, 9/14.

Music Blog 8/29/13: Bedlam. Finally finished the anthemic closing tune on the Mark Lint & the Simulacra album. This was me playing acoustic and singing live in early 2000, with Dave Thibodeaux on drums and Mark Doroba on electric guitar overlaid at the end. Just now I added the bass, organ, and backing vocals.

Music Blog 6/27/13: Things We Should Do. Written right now, originally with goofy lyrics, but then rewritten all serious. Featuring Lucy Lawless, Eric Schumann, Dave Roof, and Steve Petrinko. Hear the original goofy lyric version: Things You Should Do.

Music Blog 6/7/13: Sense of Beauty. Written just now to go with the current podcast episode, featuring podcast listeners Shawn Saul (bass), Eric Schumann (keyboard), John Jughead Pierson (electric guitar) and Shawn's bandmate Brett Segal (drums).

Music Blog 11/21/12: Granted, a newly written, hastily recorded tune with Mark playing all instruments.

Music Blog 2/3/12: Freeway and Stories, two tunes written and played by Mark Lint and Stevie P (i.e. Steve Petrinko from The MayTricks) recorded in August 2011, the first time that Mark and Steve had visited/recorded for many a year.

Music Blog 11/10/11: False Morality, A MayTricks song recorded in 1994 written/sung by Cliff Kaminsky, who also played rhythm guitar and trumpet. Mark Lint: bass/backing vocals, Steve Petrinko: drums/backing vocals, Geoff Esty: lead guitar, trombone. Here also is a later, solo tune of his: I See God, To hear more of Cliff, go to his memorial page.

Music Blog 9/14/11: I Believe, A bit of nonsensical gospel swagger written around 2002, recorded in 2010 and 2011. Featuring Dave Hamilton on drums.

Music Blog 9/5/11: Mother's Day. A solo demo from Fall 2007 (dedicated to my mother) newly noise-reduced, plus Poppo!, a song written and recorded with my kids for my father's 80th birthday.

Music Blog 6/18/11: Shalom/Nipple Song Mashup. I took Lee Abramson's song "Shalom," and overdubbed individual bits of my 1992 recording "The Nipple Song" as well as "The Nipple Reprise" to create this goofiness.

Music Blog 6/7/11: Remembrance by Fingers (i.e. the MayTricks after my departure from Ann Arbor to Austin), abandoned unfinished in 1995 (Steve Petrinko: lead vocals/drums, Geoff Esty: lead guitar, Cliff Kaminsky: rhythm guitar, Brian Gardner: bass), with new harmony vocal and handbells added by me now, and newly mixed by Steve and me.

Music Blog 5/28/11: Words and Numbers by Madison Lint, instruments recorded December 2002, vocals and mixing done May 2011.

2010 Music Blog Week 29: Her Skin Is Only Warm, the final song (written and sung by Steve Petrinko) from the 1991 MayTricks Demo.

2010 Music Blog Week 28: Can't Stand Losin' You, And She Was, and Paint It Black: three cover tunes recorded by The MayTricks in (I think) late '92. Me: bass/vocal, Steve Petrinko: drums/vocal, Geoff Esty: guitar/backing vocal, Brian Drake: guitar/keys/backing vocal.

2010 Music Blog Week 27: The Funny Train, by me in December 1975, i.e. at age 4.

2010 Music Blog Week 26: Venus on Earth, by the Backdrop. My first-ever recording of an original song (so it sounds very bad). Me: bass/vocal, Brian Greenfield: keys, Pete Catsaros: guitar, drums: some guy from the marching band, who also suggested the alternate chord progression that comes in in the middle.

2010 Music Blog Week 25: Run Away, by the Backdrop, recorded around Spring '89 (possibly summer) to cap off my high school music experience. Me: bass/guit/vocals/arrangement, Brian Greenfield: keyboard and keyboard and drum machine programming, Mike Goldberg: guitar solo, Sanjiv Ghogale: sax.

Week 24: Some new New People video from Summer '09: Love Is the Problem and Matt Ackerman's song Lucky. My commentary.

Week 23: A few early Lo-Fi nuggets:
1. Girl. From fall 1989, a tongue-in-cheek, juvenile collaboration (my first) with Steve Petrinko. Warning: Explicit Lyrics and terrible sound quality.
2. A Little Feeling. A solo (piano, bass, and some overdubbed vocals) demo from 1988.
3. Pakistan-the Complete Works. An improvised attempt to parody a garage band from spring 1991 with three of the MayTricks (me, Steve Petrinko, Matt Diaz) playing each others' instruments. There are three "songs:" Baby (Don't Look at Me), Swishy Boy, and Cram.

Week 22: The Mark Lint and the Fake Johnson Trio album. Posted for the first time in its entirety, with all tracks re-coded with tags (i.e. song title, artist, etc.) and liner art.

Week 21: Ron Visits the Land of Insanity and Finds It Pleasing. Yet another music school composition,, from late 1991 (I think), with three U. of Michigan horn players playing live in my classroom: Scott Pendleton, Mike Smith and Steve Burdick.

Week 20: Argument Leading to Death. Another piece written for composition class in fall 1991 or so, but this time recorded at home (on 4-track, with lots of punch-ins so we didn't have to actually be able to play the whole song) with me on bass and my roommate Sanj Ghogale on alto sax.

Week 19: Patriotism. A song I wrote for a composition class in I think early 1993 using a text from Paul Goodman's book "Growing Up Absurd" (1956). This is the in-class performance, with me singing (badly) and some other student named Jeanne playing piano.

Week 18: To Valerie (1991 Demo). A song by me, again from the 1991 MayTricks demo (see Week 14). Here's the eventual album version.

Week 17: So Chewy! an album by The MayTricks (1993). I've posted a whole album this time. A couple of the best songs are Steve's "Without" and my "Like Song."

Week 16: Wild Flower (1991 Demo). Same demo, another tune by Steve Petrinko, with the same line-up as Week 14. Here's the eventual album version from "So Chewy" (with Mark, Steve, Geoff Esty, and Brian Drake).

Week 15: Waste of Youth (1991 Demo). Here's another song from the same demo (which I'm retroactively calling the "Happy Flowers EP"), but this one was never redone for any later album, so this is the only recording there is. Written and sung by Steve Petrinko, with me (bass & backing vox), Dave Roof (guitar), and Josh Fielstra (keys, but note that Steve wrote the part that he's playing).

Week 14: Run Away (1991 Demo). Here's the first remix from the original MayTricks demo. Personnel: me (bass, vox), Steve Petrinko (drums), Dave Roof (lead 12-string acoustic guitar), Rich Stapleton (electric guitar), Josh Fielstra (keys). Compare this to the album version of this tune from 1993's "So Chewy."

Week 13: The Ballad of El Goodo. In tribute to the recently deceased Alex Chilton, here's a cover I performed solo in a coffee house in 1994 in Ann Arbor, MI of one of my favorite songs.

Week 12: "On Music Appreciation." One task of this music blog is to digitize cassette tapes from my childhood. This recording from around 1979 (meaning I was 8 years old) is excerpted/edited from the "audio diary" that my father encouraged me to record.

Week 11: Not Too Late. Another Mark Lint & the Simulacra, written in late 1998, Mark D.'s guitars and drums by Bruce Popky (I think) were recorded in early 2000, and I just now added bass, acoustic, vocals, percussion and some distorted background guitars.

Week 10: Night Before the End. Written in 1994, with the acoustic guitar laid down around 1997, I this became a Mark Lint & the Simulacra track in 2000 with the addition of guitars by Mark Doroba and drums by Armando Reyes, with my bass added soon thereafter. I just added lead vocals now and did the mix.

Week 9: Mush. This song was written by Ken Labarre of Tangy fame. In 2000 when I arrived in Austin we contemplated starting a band together, so I completely rewrote the lyrics to his song, maybe tweaked the melody, and quickly recorded this demo.

Week 8: Cold. One of the songs first recorded for the Madison Lint demo in 2001, this version is from March 2004, right near the end of the band's existence, and features, besides long-time members Jim Low on electric guitar and Ken Keeley on bass, Marcus Looze on drums (who played for a couple months with the band) and keyboardist Luke Palmer (who played with us for a couple of months in 2003 and rejoined just for this session). I recorded vocals and mixed this newly for 2010.

Week 7: Ann(e). This song was written in around 1993 but never recorded. I started the track in 2000, but nearly all of what's left here is brand new, with me on all instruments except Steve Petrinko FTPing in awesome drum and electric guitar parts.

Weeks 5 & 6: These weeks were occupied by tracks added to my youtube page. Some of these include:
-"Poor Lover" by the initial lineup of Madison Lint (2002)
-"Lock Them Away" by one of the latter Madison Lint incarnations (2003)
-"Retrogress" from the final gig of the Fake Johnson Trio (1997)
-"Little Mina" from the most recent New People show (2010)

Week 4: Came Round. The core of this was written in the summer of 1999 as a fragment for use by a potential acoustic duo that never happened. I've now finished the lyrics, added the long bridge, and recorded this for the first time.

Week 3: Once in a Great While. From the same period/project as "Write Me Off" (meaning Mark Doroba is on electric guitars) with drums by David Thibodeau . A rare occasion of me playing lead classical guitar, whcih involved a lot of punching in and overdubbing. I just now recorded that guitar and all the vocals.

Week 2: Write Me Off. Written in early 2000, with the drums (by Armando Reyes) and electric guitars (by Mark Doroba) recorded at that time for the never-finished Sinking and the Aftermath album. I put down the lead vocals in 2001 and just now recorded the acoustic rhythm guitar and backing vocals.

2010 Music Blog Week 1: Space. A song I wrote in around 1997. The drums were played by Trent Sinclair back in 2000, and I just now (12/09) added the rest of the instruments to get a listenable version of this goofy folky possibly supernatural love song.

Kid Songs
My kids Abe ( born 5/1/2000) and Mina ( born 4/10/2003) both like to sing.
Kimmy, 2002 This Valentine's Day song was a remake/update of one I recorded for Valentine's, 1995.
Wheels on the Bus Down By the Station Abe, f rom 2/8/02 and 10/27/02 respectively
Frosty the Snowman Mina on 8-24-06
The Saga Begins Abe on 8-19-06 singing a Weird Al Star Wars parody
I'm Getting Ready for Bed Mina on 1-22-08 doing a piano/vocal improv
Volcanoes Abe and I way back in spring, 2003, singing a song that he and I wrote together
I Love Izzy and Allie Mina and I on 1-2-08 playing a song mostly written by Mina (she's playing piano too)
Ghosty Fisherman A song Abe, Mina, and I all wrote and sing together in late 8/07
Happy Birthday An original arrangement, 9/08
Poppo! An original song all three of us wrote and recorded together (their mom sang a bit too) August 2010.
Mommy This song was first written for mother's day in maybe 2007 and evolved over the years until finally recorded in July 2012, which is I'm betting the last time Abe will be able to sing this high (he's 12 now). Mina plays keys, and Abe plays viola.

Lilyan Casey Sings "Good Things" This is my neice, born 9/24/06, recorded 3/30/15 a song she wrote. Mina sings backing vocals, I play the instruments.

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