Bob Linsenmayer, Singing Storyteller

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"I think your chicken story was the hit of the evening at the Newberry Opera House! A great humorous bit at a perfect time in the program. Thanks for your gift of laughter. May it return to you a hundred fold!" Tim Lowry, "The Great American Storyteller"

"I went to your website and listened to Clara Cluck. Wonderful! I'm looking forward to meeting YOU!" Andy Offutt Irwin, National storyteller and comedian

"I was very pleased that you included stories and songs from many different cultures from around the world. It fit right in with what we have studied all year. I would certainly recommend your programs. You engage the students in many ways and expose them to stories and instruments of many cultures. You also are extremely well organized and easy to work with for those scheduling." Tracey Jackson, Music Teacher, Johnston Elementary, Johnston, SC

"Dear Mr. Bob, I thought it was hilarious when you told your stories. It kept me laughing over and over again! I wanted to catch my breath but I couldn't! I kept on laughing. I was more awake that day because of your stories. It's like a cup of coffee. When you drink it, it powers you through the day. Your entertaining me did the same." Jackson, 5th grade

"Dear Mr. Bob, You are funny, very funny. I want you to come back funny Mr. Bob Story Teller." Uriah, 1st grade student

Introduction from Bob's Son

Bob has now largely retired performing other than a few appearances at his church. I'm going to keep this page up to post the various recordings captured of Bob over the years. As a San Francisco folk up-and-comer in the early 60s, and the man who made my youth musical growing up in the 70s and 80s, and then as the wildly popular children's peformer and storyteller since his retirement, Bob's pure voice, child-friendly wit, and bright heart have earned him a crapload of good karma and a place in the annals of all that is good in the world. Questions? Write to me at

Listen to songs and stories

Litter Makes Me Bitter Written by Bob (c)2002

Feegbah Adapted from "The Story of a Pumpkin" by Fran Stallings

I Am a Pizza Written by Peter Alsop (c)1983 Moose School Music

The story of Clara Cluck Written by Bob (c)2003

Undated (sometime in the 80s?) church concert

Storytelling Music Programs for Kids

More Words from those who have seen him perform

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Bob's CDs for Kids and Grown-ups - Buy at CD Baby or Amazon

Bob's Bio

Poem Inspired by Mr. Bob

Flowers Blooming
By Christina Kauffmann
(An eighth grader who watched Mr. Bob perform in 1998 in her mother's music class at an elementary school.)

The children are hidden mysteries…
flowers wanting,
willing, waiting to bloom.
Their beautiful smiles
warm your heart.
Their skin is smooth and rich.
The touch of their hands
makes you smile.
The smell of their presence
deepens your soul.
The sweet, melodic tune
of Mr. Bob's voice
and the strumming of his guitar
brighten your day,
while the sounds of his rainstick
being passed from hand to hand
paint a picture of a peaceful union.
His gentle, loving smile makes you weak,
telling stories of the extraordinary, wild
nature of Africa and
singing songs about funny boas
with hidden talents.
We sit; we watch...
realizing this remarkable, exemplary man
spends his "golden years"
gardening children.


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