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The Sinking and the Aftermath Mixes

These are songs from a recording project nearly completed in the 6 months before I left Austin. There will be 15 songs on the eventual album. For the most part, all that remains are my parts (rhythm guitar, vocals, bass) plus some keys and extra stuff.

Posted 3/31/03. This is done, I think, and it being issued on a Mark Lint sampler CD and posted at a higher bitrate than the in progress mp3's here.

Reasonably Lonely
Posted 4/21/03. Not quite final mix.

My Friends
Posted 11/7/01.Also done, I think, ditto to above.

I Recall
Posted 11/6/01. Planning to add electric piano (over 2nd half), upright bass and violin (over at least the da-da-da-da parts); might add more random stuff to the coda at the end.

Write Me Off
Posted 11/28/01. This needs my rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Also high bitrate.

Posted 11/11/01. I haven't yet added bass to this, and will probably add another lead guitar at the end. Also may double track my voice at the end to bring it out further (right now it's on the same track as my rhythm guitar). I had to detune both electric guitars to get them to match my guitar/voice, and spent A LONG time figuring out how flat to bend them.

Uncomfortable Pace
Posted 10/4/03 as a rough demo mix. I still need to add my rhythm electric guitar and real lead vocal part to this.

Spanish Armada Mixes

Posted 3/12/03. I've started remastering my 1993 album Spanish Armada for CD and tried my hand at completely remixing these two tunes.

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