Mark Lint (Linsenmayer) Solo and Other Projects

Download Mark's half-assed 1997 solo album, "Black Jelly Beans & Smokes"Posing mit den classical guitar, ja?

        Mark is at least marginally competent at bass, guitar, drums, and keyboards, and so has been making solo recordings since all the way back in '88.  His idiosyncratic classical guitar-playing melodic-wailing solo act didn't really start up until around '91, though.  This style is best captured on his solo album (from the fall of 1993) Spanish Armada: Songs of Love and Related Neuroses (released as "Mark Linsenmayer," not "Mark Lint").  This is available on cassette until he gets around to re-mastering it for CD.

        Mark has always been highly amused by all the freaky things one can do with 4-track machines, often in a matter of minutes.  In the summer of '97, he finally compiled all of these highly strange "songs," into an album called Black Jelly Beans and Smokes.  It is presently available on CD.

Methodically sorting the beans        Mark has done a bit of work with Bitterkitten founder Jeff Rosenberg (aka Edison Carter), who played in Violet Wine with FJT-man Errol Siegel, and was himself a member of FJT for some months in fall '95.  In '98 Jeff released a CD under the moniker "Talkzack" which features Jeff's arrangement of a solo tune written and performed by Mark called "Undershirt." Go listen to it on the samples page!

        In '96, Mark started picking up some fairly-nice studio gear, enabling him to break free of the limitations of 4-track recording. Consequently, he has started producing works by other artists, including 80's-sounding rock crooner Todd Love and country rocker Kevin Christopher (aka Kevin Brown, former singer of the Austin/Port Arthur band Nog Pon Jami).  He played bass with Kevin's band for a number of shows from fall '98 to spring '99.

        Since summer '98 or so, Mark has been slowly recording a number of new solo tunes (not just voice and guitar, but Mark actually playing all the instruments, including drums) which will eventually be scraped together into an album, with a target date at present of fall '00.

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